Coach Bahns has asked me to remind our fans (or introduce them to) GameChanger.  GameChanger is software that we use to score our games, live as they are happening. In our efforts to make our games as accessible as possible, we started using the application last year.  Fans can go to and (for a fee of $7.99 a month) can access our games on a play-by-play basis using Gamestream, provided we have a network connection at the field we are playing.  If you have any questions, check out the site (your best option).  If you still have any questions, you can check with the coaches (a distant second option 🙂 ).

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2 Responses to GameChanger

  1. jpvaziri says:

    I went to and the only East Hampton Baseball sites were for 2010 and 2011. How can we access 2012? What is the name that it is registered under??
    Let me know if you have any more details.
    GO BONAC!!

    • Thanks for the input. I will talk to Coach Bahns about this and try to get our schedule synced up to GameChanger as soon as possible. I will post when it is done (might have to wait til the weekend). Thanks!

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